Friday, March 28, 2008


MoMMy's GiRL on PiCTuRe Day - MaRCH 26, 2008

Look at What 2 Years Has Done For You, My Son. I CanNot Believe You Have Grown So Tall and Masculine. Stay Focused and Don't Let Those Girlz MisLead You!! Mommy Means That SON!!

Cool Kev

My Nephew is One Cool Dude...For Sure
Ball On Nephew Ball On.. Make Us All Proud
Of You, like you have alwayz done.

That's MiZZ Kayla To YOu

Now My Niece is Hot!! Kayla you go GIRL!!

Here is Mommy with SOME of her Grandchildren!! NoT All of Them

Here We Are At Our 5 Year Anniversary Vowel Renewal

Just When They Thought You Weren't Looking!!!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Erin is starting this right now at Work....and she is AMAZING!!!!

Hi my name is Shannon Williams and pretty much i am AMAZING....(P.S. erin is writing this for me). I am married to a wonderful man named Arthur Williams and we have 5 beautiful children and two cute puppies. We moved to AZ in April of 2006 from Gary, Indiana and it has been nothing short of Amazing.......

I work as a Labor and Delivery Scrub Tech at Mountian Vista Medical Center and have a blast while working because of the amazing coworkers on the night shift. Once i leave work every morning, i get to go home and cuddle up in my cozy bed with little Etwood and AhJanae keeping me company! And i hope it lasts FOREVER!!